Arnon Grunberg – extremely talented writer, often called the child prodigy of Dutch literature. Despite his young age, he already gained recognition in Europe and overseas. After being expelled from secondary school, he had a go at becoming an actor, clerk, later a writer for film and television. Encouraged by the publishers, he wrote a partially autobiographical debut novel “Blue Mondays” that immediately won him an award for best debut novel. The novel became also a commercial success. His second work was published under a pseudonym Mark von der Jagt and yet again he received an award for … best debut novel. His third book, “Phantom Pain”, also became a bestseller. In 2002, after an inquisitive linguist provided a thorough analysis of his books, proving that Grunberg and Mark von der Jagt is the same person, the author had no choice but to admit to having written all books. Wunderbaum Theatre in Amsterdam has just staged the premiere performance of Grunberg’s play “Our Pope”.