Another resident arrived in Lublin on Wednesday. Here you can read some interesting facts from his biography.

Arnon Grunberg Yasha Yves, born in Amsterdam in 1971, currently lives and works in New York. At the age of seventeen, after being expelled from school, he opened his own publishing house Kasimir specialising in non-Aryan German literature. It was a starting point for his career as a writer, dramatist and screenwriter.

His first novel “Blue Mondays”, a bestseller in Europe, won the Anton Wachter Prize for best debut and was translated into thirteen languages.

His second novel, “The Story of My Baldness”, published under a pseudonym Marek von der Jagt, won him the second (!) award for… best debut novel. He was the first writer in the history of the Anton Wachter Prize to win this awards twice, however, it wasn’t until many years later, when he admitted to his cunning manoeuvre.

On his Internet website he reveals the titles of some of the movies that influenced him both artistically and personally; these are: Zelig (Woody Allen, 1983), Betty Blue (Jean-Jacques Beineix, 1986), Once Upon a Time in America (Sergio Leone, 1984), Scarface (Brian De Palma, 1983), Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola, 1979), Heat (Michael Mann, 1995), Lolita (Adrian Lyne, 1997) or Closer (Mike Nichols, 2004).

“Phantom Pain” is the only Grunberg’s novel translated into Polish. Published in 2000, it received the AKO Prize, which is considered to be the Dutch equivalent of the Booker Prize.

On his regular day the author gets up at eight and goes out to pick up an espresso from a local café. He comes back home to write until noon, when he goes for lunch. Spending so much time in restaurants does indeed affect his personal life. From his blog we learn about him falling in love with waitresses or even one restaurant owner’s daughter.