17 November 2011, 5.30 pm "Spółdzielnia" ul Peowiaków 11, Lublin
Admission Free
Host - Maciej Gil

Andrzej Stasiuk – an extraordinary artistic personality, lives in Wołowiec in the Low Beskids, a true resident of the Carpathians. A deserter, he exchanged the army for prison, because for him compulsory military service was an instrument of repression and a stay in prison as one of many life experiences. A Freedom and Peace Movement activist, he has a thing for Albania, which he calls the “subconscious” of Europe, traveller, writer and publisher focusing on the subject of Central European identity. Winner of numerous awards, the Kościelski Award, Arkady Fiedler Literary Award for “Fado” and the Nike (Polish main literary prize) for “On the Road to Babadag”. He calls himself a countryman, who never went to theatre while living in Warsaw, so he does not miss anything in his peripheral Wołowiec. He is sensitive to provincial moods, inner worlds, the specific atmosphere of certain places. He looks at things from a distance, his style is a combination of humour, tragedy and nostalgia, but he can also share his intimate moments with the readers, like describing a father watching his daughter sleep and realizing they no longer share their worlds, their both have their own.

Maciej Gil – born and bred in Krakow, a thirty-year old, film historian, organizer of film events. Member of the international film clubs association, artistic director of the Kino na Granicy Festival in Cieszyn/ Český Těšín, organized countless film events in Poland and abroad. An equally ardent enthusiast of literature. Lives, works and feels at home in Central Europe (and its myth).

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