Citybooks is a project with long European tradition run by a Flemish institution Vlaams-
Nederlands Huis deBuren. The form of presented art has evolved over the years (from
traditional radio sessions, through CD recordings, to the contemporary multimedia form
with files, clips and recordings available online). The idea of the project is to promote towns
that have a noticeable cultural and social potential by preparing their “city book” that will
introduce them to fellow Europeans as places of unique atmosphere, characteristic culture and
active inhabitants with a lot of potential.

The town shall inspire writers, photographers and filmmakers to create their own impressions
of it. The artists we invited to take part in the project are writers: Andrzej Stasiuk, Mauro
Pawlowski, Witold Szabłowski, Arnon Grunberg and Maud Vanhauwaert; a filmmaker Piotr
Miłkowski and a photographer Maciej Rukasz
. We invite them to come and stay in Lublin,
delve into its rhythm and then translate their experiences into a work of art created in their
own medium and style. The literary works will be translated into four foreign languages,
recorded and made available as podcasts, the twenty-four minute films will depict impressions
on twenty four hours from the life of the city and a selection of photographs will create a
visual narrative. Together all the works will form a “book of the city” that will then be made
available on the citybooks website.