Graz will be surveyed artistically by the authors Milena M. Flasar (A), Onno Kosters (NL) and Simone Lenaerts (BE), Werner Schandor (A), Andrea Stift (A) and the photographer Lea Titz (A). Lea Titz finishes her photographs with a black and white pen in order to accentuate details, as if she would touch a certain spot of the city with her finger. She highlights diverse aspects by letting other ones fade out. Formally spoken it is an attempt to connect the abstract and concrete illustration.

The participating authors create one-of-a-kind city portraits. Questions are being asked to the life in the city of Graz: "How open-minded is the city?" or "What do you report about a city that you have already lived in for a long time?" or one takes a glimpse at the city as a perishable place to be. The city is being explored, perpetrated, step-by-step, transformed into something written. Anecdotes, essays, poems are being created.

These texts are being translated into English, French and Dutch and are being read in the original language by the authors. The texts are available online in order for one being able to read, listen or download any of them.

The citybooks are furthermore also available as texts, e-books and podcasts and by being so shape an extensive network of the "United States of Europe". Travel without travelling!