Maciej Rukasz – born in 1988, shaped by the 90s and Nintendo. A lawyer by education. He works as a fashion, advertisement and theatre photographer. Teaches at the Lublin School of Photography. His works were published in Teatr, Wprost, Przekrój, Newsweek, Dziennik, ZOOM, among others. Together with Marta Zgierska he runs the BlowUp agency. He has several individual exhibitions to his credit. He documents theatre festivals, makes posters. He held the CCA scholarship, was nominated for the Żuraw 2011 (a Lublin cultural award). Against all odds he decided to stay and live in Lublin. He depicts the reality he likes to see himself. He is always traveling, but to him traveling is not only about being on the road, but also the about how you perceive the world. Minimalism is the only limitation he accepts.

Agencja BlowUp